Friday, November 11, 2005


SO, yeah. I'm supposed to be walking about the door, hopping lightly in my car, speeding off with a full trunk to the airport and Indiana this weekend in a couple of hours.


I came up with a hare-brained scheme to pack up my stuff and hem a pair of pants (THE HECK?) and tidy the house and play with the cat. It's T minus 2 hours, 25 minutes and counting before liftoff from Casa Erica and the best I can say is that my suitcase is out of the closet and open to receive the final selections I have yet to make, the hair products I have yet to choose, and the airport entertainment options have not been finalized nor stowed in my new, shiny tote bag (free gifts with purchases ROCK, but do not help me pack).

So I'm gonna stop blogging and flee for my life. AHEM, PACK for me life. I'll blog while I'm out, though. Because I'm obsessed like that. Also, NO PACKING WHILE I'M GONE - SIGN ME UP!


Cap'n Ganch said...

I don't know if you read 50books (it's one of the DamnHellAssKings), but I totally got a shout out! there.


Plankiest said...

Waauugghhh! Where is the promised posting for this trip? How am I supposed to get my fix? What is wrong with you chica? I know you are in a house with many 'puters. How have you not found your way to one and posted already? Your were the 2nd most consistent thing in my life. Now I am crushed, crushed I tell you. And you dare complain that I do not blog enough? Humph.