Thursday, November 03, 2005

Still got all my ribs, thanks for asking!

So my cat (who, as you all know, has the nickname of "Pooper") tends to walk all over everything like she owns it, as any self-respecting pet would do. Anyway, she walks across my husband's keyboard and wakes up his system. I glance at the screen while shooing her off of it before it freezes from the endless, ceaseless typing of a single letter. A browser window was open and she managed to hit "Control" and then "F." What did she then type? "poooooooooooo"

My cat is searching for poo. Ahahahahahaha!

In other news, K and I had a productive visit to IKEA. I guess every Monday through Friday if you spend $10 or more at their café, you can get a coupon for $10 off any purchase you make that day of $100 or more. Well, we were planning to browse, speculate, and plot, but not to purchase, so we were all "let's file this in the Useful Information Bin and roll our chicken-marsala-filled bodies out of here, yo." We did just that, and we wandered and wondered and had a jolly time of spending our money eight different ways without spending our money at all. After having traversed the entire store, we wandered into the "As Is" section with our bag then containing some red glass tea-light holders ($0.50 each - festive, pretty, YAY!) and a brush for the new cast-iron pan.

There it stood, amongst the dressers. The Magiker dining room sideboard in the cherry finish with white drawers but cherry doors which is totally matchy-matchy with our TV stand. But it's in As Is Land, so what's wrong with it? K at this point is wandering the Poäng chairs looking for an only-slightly scratched one in a tasteful color for the "Basement Hang Out" about which he is currently LOSING SLEEP AND UNABLE TO FOCUS ON ME, MY IDEAS!. I leave him to his fruitless search and scrutinize the sideboard at length. Hmmm, two tiny scratches on the 1/8" inset of the doors, and one more on the other side. I can't even see those scratches except when I squint. I would probably put those scratches in myself while assembling a perfect new one. Maybe . . . "K!!! COME HERE!"

K arrives and inspects the price-tag. Yes, originally $199, now $159 is not a super-fantastic mark-down, but for those scratches? Were they supposed to slash the piece up some more or just leave it at a reasonable exchange for the (nearly) perfect unit? Hey, we've got that coupon, too, so now it's only $149. Sweeeet.

But we're dorks and shrewd shoppers and we do not part with our money easily. (Except when Erica's in Victoria's Secret because PEOPLE, YOU DO NOT MESS WITH BRA SHOPPING AND YOU DO NOT CHEAP OUT . . . where was I? Right, hemming and hawing.) Instead, we pondered, asked each other what he/she was thinking about 80 times, inspected it again in case microscopic gnomes had altered it in the past five minutes while we were staring at it intently. And we finally realized several things: 1) Quick decisions are not our strong suits, 2) Our living and dining rooms will be more like living/dining room because there is NO disinction between them and matching our sideboard to our entertainment center is probably smart, 3)It was already assembled and getting it home was going to be FUN without the actual fun.

So we plunked down our cash, then spent 15 minutes moving it into our car, then spent 20 minutes driving it home while I was hunched over my seat WITH MY SEAT BELT FASTENED, you know, 'cause I really want to be safe while I drive even though I'd probably just lose all my ribs when we hit something in that position. I thought of that because a mid-size truck towing a bigger truck with tons of crap in it decided to BRAKE ALMOST TO A HALT on 95. aolijhwgoujbaeryoui.

Drama aside, we made it home and now have a ridiculously long sideboard which will store all my china and napkins and be oh so pretty, pretty in our new house but which currently resides in the deity-forsaken section of our living room and just looks forlorn while the cat walks all over it.


Cap'n Ganch said...

I bought myself the Magiker Shelf Unit a few months ago for $120 and just recently sold it for $70 because I now live in Idaho instead of Pittsburgh.

I wish I had telepathic "who needs a matching shelving unit" ability so I could have let you know that mine was available to match your purchase. And maybe have known earlier so you could have picked it up during Homecoming or something.

Or ... well, sometimes you just miss out.

rachel said... I admit that I really only made my schedule SEEM "too good," because I knew I'd be really, really stressed out with my wedding-anxiety neurosis, multiple identity crises, and job searching.

AHHHHH. gasps. breathes.

Anyway, I'm trying to be calm about it all. In true perfectionist standing, I have a million lists for everything, and they're all color coordinated to match the folder that holds corresponding information. Bliss.

I'll be down to visit Hans again within the next month or so, and I would LOVE to see you! We'll have to pass off on locations, directions and what not. And I'll see what I can do about arranging a suite-mate roadtrip.

JEO said...

Jer and I hit up the Seattle Ikea this week too. Weird, huh? And I too loved those 50 cent red votives, got a bunch.

E.A.P said...

CAP'N - grr, I even read your blog about that stuff and never thought you'd have the good taste to have a Magiker shelf unit. I am duly chastized. Hope Idaho is treating you well. Blog sometime - I miss your ramblings and pretty pictures!

rachel - Dude, I was ALWAYS covering my butt just like that instead of admitting that the wedding was the most love/hate thing I've ever done and I switched personas from Tulle For Brains Bride of the Century to Angry Non-Conformist NO, I WILL NOT THINK ABOUT CAKE FROSTINGS Bride like 20 times a day. And, color-coordinated folders? I thought I was organized when I had a big accordian file. You are way, way cooler than I was. Also in the "being cooler than me" category - you might actually visit! And guilt your suitemates into doing the same! I'm so touched! Call me! :-D

jeo - Rock on with those votives! Yeah, K doesn't get the whole "many tiny objects creates a great repeating visual" thing. He only let me get 4. Wah. And hey, now whenever I look at them, I'll think of you. I hope Idaho is treating you well, too.