Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Listing Wednesday

1. I am so TIRED. I've been waking up in the mornings for work and just wanting to curl right back up again. It doesn't help that since Daylight Savings time began/ended/whatever, the office starts work an hour earlier and I'm trying not to fall off the Identical Schedules bandwagon. Now, they'll give me the schpiel about how they don't do DST in Indiana, so WE'RE the ones that changed, but that's like saying . . . I'm so tired I can't even think of something, so the point: SHUT UP! I keep hearing them say the state is gonna start doing that soon, but when they do, it'll be 8am-4pm every day and THAT DAY will end me.

2. People from work keep having me do these little projects for them and I AM SO TIRED so they feel like this huge burden. It totally feels like getting to your hardest class of the day in college, having stayed up the night before, and then having one of those rapid-fire-I'm-catching-up-with-my-syllabus lectures. Your BRAIN starts sort of twitching (kinda like my legs during yoga today, which TIRED) and it just HURTS to THINK. Man, that sucks. What feels worse is that these projects are pretty easy. Which makes me a cry-baby.

3. K and I are out of town this weekend, flying to my company HQ and staying with my bosses/friends. I'm staying on for business meetings and over-long lunches for half of next week. I have to pack. I am so over this jet-set life. And I haven't even started the conference travel that should wipe out like two months of weekends. SO. NOT. GOOD.

4. Read this article. Growing up in wannabe-cool Detroit suburbs, everybody had to spend their crapload of money on the prom. I happened to attend a tiny private school where most parents wouldn't allow their children to sway to the beat because "that's what'll get your innocent girl deflowered - it's just one small step from the slow dance to the SLOW JAM!" So we got an Etiquette Dinner. STUPID REPLACEMENT, but nice excuse to attend a play, have a nice dinner out, and make the decorative clams on our plates sing. Still, those weren't cheap either. Anyway, it's often intrigued me that parents shell out so much dinero, but I never thought about the ideals of those parents when they were that age. An interesting look at a silly excuse for coming-of-age drama.

5. And just writing that tuckered me right out. Y'all have a great night because I? Am going to finish work and then zonk.


Moi said...

I think Daylight Savings Time does more ill than good. Then again, I think modern work hours do more ill than good. Ditto for work in general.
Let's all be hippies.

Mair said...

Ok, I've been criplingly tired these days, too. What's the deal?? There've been a few times, when I've been in class and have been so tired I thought "I should just leave" and it seemed reasonable.

As for prom, though I haven't read the article yet, I will contribute this. While working at the photography studio, i got to go to a couple of proms where we were taking pictures. One girl was wearing this really gorgeous dress and I complimented her and said, "It looks like a wedding dress." To which she guessed it, "It is."
What the crap???!?!?!

Anonymous said...

Nice article about the prom. I would agree with the deplorable state of debauchery, orgy, etc that accompanies these annual events. Let's not limit this to prom only, spring break, and homecoming all nicely fit this description. How does one acknowledge rites of passage without the crap?