Tuesday, November 29, 2005

How I Plan To Make My Millions

Or The Capricious Person's Solution To Home Decor.

So we did talk last night about plans for our new home. I mused intensely over the paint chips and the altogether-too-tiny images offered by Baer's home paint pamplets. "Does this tan color have to much yellow for me? Is this color going to tie the cocoa brown with the eggplant purple or are they going to end up duking it out in some paint-named-after-food fight? What in the world am I thinking painting the office, the room in which I will spend the most consecutive conscious time of my week, blue - I HATE BLUE! RRRR, why did I have to get married so I could have the double incomes to afford buying a house now but not the concensus on hatred of blue to be comfortable in it?"

Right now many home decorating escapades require the following: clumsily moving furniture entirely out of the room, laying down tarps, using enough tape to hold up a million starlet's skimpy gowns, strewing strong-smelling, brightly-colored liquids all over everything, hoping they land in a uniform coat, and most of all hoping that when that brightly-colored liquid dries, you won't puke at the very sight of its hue or WORSE, decide you have to cover it up with another color next weekend.

My plan is much simpler: create a holographic wall material that projects a color, easily changable from week to week, month to month, or for the more staid among us, year to year. At the rate my ideas are changing, mine will be on a daily rotation.


Mair said...

Sounds like a good idea to me! You'd have a big market for people who live in apartments and can't actually paint the walls. When they move out, back to white they go!

Anonymous said...

I skimmed your post and really don't know what it said because all I have on my mind is YOU ARE COMING TO VISIT THE D AND WE HAVE NOT WRITTEN DOWN OUR PLANS IN STONE and therefore I am concerned and preoccupied. Call. Me. NOW. Please and thank you.

-Cairo, or whatever

Bee said...

My hallway is about the color of peanut butter! It's sometimes tempting to lick my wall :-)