Friday, March 10, 2006

Cabin Fever - Ah!

It's sunny outside, but when I went out to check my mail at lunch in a t-shirt, jeans, and flipflops, I still expected to brace myself for a chilly errand. Instead, I nearly felt too warm. I just checked It is currently 76 degrees. I forgot temperatures could go above 40.

This time of year I usually have mind-bogglingly distracting levels of cabin fever. It's just a climate, but boy do I go nuts about it. I get Toe Claustrophobia (TC) and wear sandals at the earliest possibility. I actually spend time thinking about how much I miss picnics. I GO ON MAYBE TWO A YEAR. Sheesh.

Still, it's nice to get your wish. It's nice to live in an area where I get all four seasons, but I get more extended Springs and Autumns than Michigan or Pennsylvania afforded. I feel pretty blessed that I live in a place I enjoy.


Mair said...

You should come a few hours southward, where you, too, could be experiencing a sunny 83! Yes, folks, 83!!! It's March for cryin' out loud. Josh and I just returned from throwing the frisbee around for awhile at the park because we decided it was just too nice to go to the gym. :o)

Cap'n Ganch said...

Our cold just ... snapped.

And now it's 35 during the day. Whereas two weeks ago we were hitting the mid 50's.

I could cry. Now I have to buy stove oil for my house ... and I was planning on not doing that.

Plankiest said...

I am way jealous. It is still cold-ish here.

rachel said...

Dear EAP,

I was messing around with my template (trying to move the stat counter) which obviously I should NEVER EVER DO BECAUSE I DID SOMETHING HORRIBLE AND MESSED UP MY ENTIRE BLOG.

Um. If I email you by username and password. Um...could you fix it?



Don Quixote said...

Where I am right now is 80 degrees and sunny. Of course, a beach comes with it, so that makes it pretty good!

By the way, I think there is a small Midwestern town you would love even more....hint-hint!

The Quotable Hannah said...

This is bad, bad hair weather.