Thursday, March 16, 2006

Listing . . . oh right, it's Thursday

1. I turned on the TV today during my lunch because I was having home-made quesadillas, a rather labor-intensive meal from the eating standpoint if you want salsa on them. I figured the library wouldn't appreciate getting salsa-splattered returns. Anyhow, AMC was running Office Space. Obviously, it's been a fantastic day so far.

2. Tonight at choir I practice for a piece I'm performing this Sunday with two amazingly-gifted voices in the choir. We blend so well, I get lost trying to hear myself. I can't wait to hear it on Sunday, that is if I can ever pay attention and get my notes right.

3. I've actually been productive, despite the bad influences I may be watching on my lunch hour (see #1), and I managed to book a half-way decent trip to the heartland for one convention in which I'm trying to coordinate schedules for someone coming from IN and moi from MD. Did I mention those schedules happened in two weeks? Oh, and that no one ever goes to "The Heartland" so it costs a ton? Oh, my bad. Well, we both have to get up at the crack of dawn a couple of times, but like I said half-way decent.

4. I'm so scared about this year as Conference Coordinator. There are so many little details, deadlines, tips to follow. I'm positive I'm going to mess up. However, all my workmates are pretty understanding. I guess the hardest part is gearing up to look like an idiot. A lot.

5. Hubster left a note for me today. For someone who claims to struggle being romantic, he sure made me all swoony and smitten. It's the little things, ya know?

6. Last night's second Lenten program at church was as good as the one before. We talked about environmental stewardship - taking care of the Earth. Illuminative and convicting once more. I think I'm ALMOST motivated enough to start participating in the county recycling program. Enough with the excuses!

How's your day going?

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lvs said...

Hey! I watched Office Space too! Dan was off work yesterday, so when I got home from class, he was here watching NCAA, so we snuggled up and flipped back and forth, and it was great. You and I were together in spirit, I guess.