Tuesday, March 14, 2006

"Mom's still got it!"

This past weekend, as KD and I drove to our house from the airport, we lamented the fact that we'd gotten older and incapable of staying up past 11pm. Then, as talked our way to 2:30-3am every single night she was here, we kept repeating the phrase, "We've still got it!" Unfortunately, that phrase is forever eclipsed by Arrested Development's riff - the title of this post and a very memorable line, indeed.

Yes, KD's visit was a huge hit. The weather was unbelievable since Friday's sunny warmth lasted through yesterday when her flight departed in the afternoon. We walked to a local restaurant and ate out on the deck where I managed to get sunburned. Sunburned in March - that's a new record for me. My goal is to prevent ALL sunburns basically for the rest of my life since I've got a history of skin cancer in my family so I was NOT geeked to have a bright red patch above my v-neckline. Grrr. Still, it was a delight to eat outside, and next time, I'm remembering the sunscreen!

Poor Hubster must have felt like a convention of short, brunette, fast/high-talking females descended on the house. I hadn't seen her since New Year's Eve 2004, so we had a lot to catch up. Neither of us has ever been a steady correspondent and after I got married and started working and she dated a guy seriously to no avail and found another who looked more promising all while slogging through law school (quasi-college) it was harder and harder to find common ground. Well we've jump-started getting to know each other again, and I have high hopes that we can keep it up. Thank the Maker.

The most iconic moment of our friendship occurred the first day of move-in our freshman year. We had been randomly assigned to a triple and while our other roommate and I had arrived and met, we were standing around awkwardly. Someone entered the room with KD's refrigerator and we asked if she was on the way up. The volunteer enthusiastically responded that she was and we would recognize her because was "short brunette with a red shirt and khaki shorts on." I glanced at my own clothing and realized we could be mistaken for one another. I had no idea how deep the resemblances went.

KD would probably find this picture to be disingenuous. Her strapless red dress does not appear in the image and if anyone could be portrayed as "the unclothed one" it would be moi. She spent most of her stint as Freshman Roommate To A Crazy Person trying to convince me to COVER UP ALREADY when I was in the room. Sadly for her, this is my blog. Also, we forgot to take a picture of ourselves over the past weekend, so she'll just have to content herself with looking totally hot in this picture, if risque, whilst I merely looking really, really white.

On the elevator ride to the parking garage after I had picked her up, the woman riding with us asked "did you plan that?" We finally noticed our similar jeans, pistachio green shirts, and brunette bobs with highlights. Some things never change.


lvs said...

That was a great night. You and KD wore red, and Beth and I wore black. It was like suitemate amazingment. Boy howdy, I miss you girls.

Jackscolon said...

I agree. Skin cancer is a total bitch. I'm also genetically predisposed, so I chose a profession where I stand outside all day and then moved 1000 miles further south. I hear some girls like the farmer tan... Also, apparently wearing too much sun screen gives you cancer also. I can't make sense of this conflicting information, so I've pretty much come to terms with getting it, and consequently I'm leaving my life in the hands of modern medicine.