Thursday, March 02, 2006

Yup, I'm still a dork.

Remember that time when I said my brother was coming today and it was really supposed to say tomorrow. Well, let's say I was having an off day. And let's not point out how often this happens, Hubster. Shhh, no one need know. . . . Oh, you guys are still here. MOVING ON.

So my brother and his gf really do arrive today. And I'm so pumped. They're making their way onto I-70 by now, I imagine, and they're probably reaching that one part of the trip where I think "AND I'M DONE." That's when you have to pull out the ultimate weapon: music. It almost always makes the trip bearable.

That reminds me: I haven't made a mixed tape (CD, but the name doesn't sound right w/o tape) in way too long. It used to be so much fun to make romantic/silly mixes for Hubster during the courtin' years o' college. YES, WE WERE DORKY. SHUT UP. It's a nice creative channel - you have a limited capacity, so you have to choosy, but you can do anything you like. You can mix spoken word selections with music, mix genres, whatever. I think I once created an entire playlist out of songs that prominently featured colors in their titles/themes. I'm sure we've all done that one, but it sure was satisfying. Roadtrips wre always the best excuse to create them, too.

Ah, but with the giant-playlist capacity of iTUNES, or merely using it's shuffle mode to troll through your entire collection, the lone mixed tape is a lost art. Only 17 songs? You're kidding!

I will shed a single tear for mixed tapes. And promptly push play on my "E-Funk" playlist in iTUNES. Oh, the humanity!

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JO said...

We had a fab time with you and wish it could have been longer. George in particular is missing scrambling after Loki and Percy.