Monday, March 20, 2006

Miscellaneous Monday

It's Monday! It must be time to relive the weekend!

Friday night Hubster and I watched Jarhead. Verdict: mixed. Good cinematography, decent acting, interesting character exploration. Dialogue was sometimes shaky and pacing was hit and miss. I think the concept of the thinking-man's war movie is a good one (after all I liked The Thin Red Line) but it's hard to do well without pontificating (as TTRL sometimes did) or over-analyzing. Still, if you don't mind swearing, some male nudity, and a more thoughtful approach to war, then it might work for you. Also, the music was done by Thomas Newman, the man behind Finding Nemo and Little Women. Humorous juxtaposition of themes aside, he did a good job with all those scores. He did so well with LW that I used the closing theme as our wedding recessional. True story.

Saturday morning we got some work done around the house and then trotted out to Annapolis. We hit up their mall to get K's new Nano a case at the closest Apple store to our home. We also ate lunch at the Macaroni Grill there, and it was yummy. I created my own pasta with linguini, roasted garlic, roasted red pepper, chicken, and carmellized onions in a spicy red sauce (Arrabiatta - what a fun name). I ate the leftovers for lunch today.

Saturday night Mr. T came over for a little dinner and a movie. We ate grilled steak stuffed with provolone and spinach. Yum. We watched A History of Violence which was fairly good. Serious adult themes throughout, and they're handled in a graphic fashion. If you liked eXistenZ, you'll probably find this movie worthwhile. If you aren't familiar with the visceral style and themes of the director (David Cronenberg), be cautious. His movies aren't "fun" at all. Still, good acting overall and definitely thought-provoking. As much as he raises good points, I'm not sure Cronenberg isn't a deeply disturbed individual. I definitely take his movies on a case-by-case basis.

ENOUGH ABOUT THAT. The rest of the evening was a blur of interesting conversation and lots of laughing. I got up the next morning on a mission: to execute my trio piece at church as flawlessly as possible. It went fine, but I was really glad I prayed a little beforehand so God had a chance to remind me that perfect delivery was missing the point. That was the best part, remembering God's role in this whole process of being his hands, feet, and voice. That and working with two other women with whom I blended so well in style and tonal quality. To my ear we sounded almost angelic. That kind of thing gives me an energy high that's hard to quantify. Thank God for hobbies that set us alight with excitement and joy.

Mr. T took us out to lunch afterward and we rode around in his convertible with the top down (huzzah for shorter hair and clips - no more tangles!) and then, once he'd headed home, we online-shopped for stoves, did more household chores, and watched our Sunday TV-shows. We also had some really good conversations. Honestly, the thing I savor most about my marriage with each passing day is Hubster's companionship. What a very good friend (with benefits)!

I also FINALLY finished rachel's blog template re-do. It took me far too long, but it turned out well. And she loves it so Mission: Accomplished.

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J. Morgan Caler said...

eXistenZ was perhaps the most scarring visual experience of my life (with the exception of the "Miracle of Life" videos I watched in grade 6 health class of course). The spinal ports... that ruined me.