Tuesday, November 21, 2006

All because they were out of cranberries.

My mom has made cranberry relish for Thanksgiving for years now. She buys Ocean Spray cranberries and follows the recipe on the bag which is just an orange, 1 lb of cranberries, and sugar. And it rocks my face off. I can't even LOOK at the cranberry sauce in the can without condescension anymore. Like it's even edible after you've had real, fresh, homemade relish! The best part is that it's so easy - the most complicated step is cleaning the stupid food processor.

But the grocery store is out of cranberries, and if I even have to see a can of cranberry sauce MUCH LESS PROVIDE ONE FOR THE FEAST, I will PUNCH the stupid food processor.

Boy, am I just full to bursting with holiday cheer! I might need to get that checked out.

We're going up to Hubster's parents' house for the holiday. The last time we had Thanksgiving with his side, we had to drive the 10hrs out to Cape Cod. Everything was fine (especially the part about us only bringing dinner rolls and pickles - yay for easy shopping!) UNTIL: 15hr drive home. Say it with me: FIF-TEEN-AH-WERS. In the car. I had to drive the entire way with a manual transmission and an entire thigh's worth of muscles screaming in protest with every depression and release of the clutch through the ENTIRE state of NJ. It was awful, yet it was also the first time Hubster and I ever managed to refrain from marital arguments on a trip. We were happy. Well, all except my sore left thigh. True story.

Anyhow, the familial residence is in NY state, so we're happy because we only have to drive about 5hrs. We'll see everyone gratefully, eat yummy food gratefully, share one shower with 7 people gratefully, and miss my family (also gratefully), and remember that this excuse to get out of work is state-sanctioned AND delicious. As long as I find some damn cranberries.

Persephone finds this all a tad big boring. Definitely not worth clearing her stretched-out napping schedule.

Loki pointedly ignores me while I desperately wrestle with the autofocus, remaining all up in her grill until I get this shot.


Jackscolon said...

There are times I regret buying my Civic with a manual transmission when I'm trying to drive out of downtown Cleveland during rush hour...

...and then I hit some open road with some tight turns and all is well again.

Dawn said...

The girls! The beautiful girls! I seriously am so frickin' behind on your blog that I give up.

But! I love seeing the darling baby girls! And! I am way stoked that you will be here soon! Soon-ish, anyway.

Love you E-Chi. Happy Turkey day!