Thursday, November 16, 2006

Have Migrated to Beta; Hold Me.

I am e-scared. (That's supposed to be "short-'e'-scared" like how a native Spanish speaker would pronounce "scared" not "long-'e'- scared" as in virtually terrified in some way. And now it's lost whatever crumbs of humor were there to begin with. Awesome!)

I switched to Blogger Beta and it's all I can do to prevent twitching and muttering doomsday pronouncements under my breath every few minutes. You see, despite my experience with working bugs out of Blogger, I am still seriously spooked by changes of this magnitude. This is the woman who considers migrating to a hosting service and buying a domain name about once a week. My grip on reality is slipping, y'all.

Also, my grip on blogging has slipped this week. Brother P, henceforth known as Fraternal Fregal Nut because this "Brother" convention is bo-o-O-ring. The "Fregal Nut" part of his name comes from playing some game in Youth Group when we were younger and freer of cares. Anyhoodle, he left Tuesday. The last time I said goodbye to him, he had broken up with his girlfriend of two years the night before and he was looking forward to 24 hrs of travel back to Korea where he would be away from family and friends working his tail off for 8 months with all his leave used up for the year. Oh, and he would later leave for the Middle East and not see me again until now. This time we'll see him for Christmas at the family homestead in D-town in a month. The contrast was not lost on me. I am very happy for the contrast, let me just say.

Still, I did say goodbye, so I was feeling a little mopey and blogging was right out. Then last night we managed to wedge a ton of things into our evening, so I preferred to detox over less strenuous pursuits of reading magazines. Today, well, Bee decided to migrate to Blogger Beta over the phone with me yesterday, so I felt like a real chicken not doing it my own self. And there I was, trembling at my desk seat while Blogger told me it would email me when it was done. I waited an hourin that state. Hence "hold me."

Now? Now I'm looking forward to finishing work, making dinner, picking up dry-cleaning, and going to choir rehearsal although frankly, I'd much rather cut out and sew this blouse I want to make so I can wear it to LVS's wedding which? IS THIS SATURDAY, WOOOO-HOOO.

And now back to your regularly scheduled coherence.


rachel said...

I've been in blogger beta for a few weeks now. It works pretty publish faster.

Yax said...

AAAAAGGGGHHHHHHHH!!! Your Beta Blogger has totally given me all kinds of viruses and such! Oh noes!!! My megahurtz have been stoled!!!

Seriously though, everything looks the same. It beta blogger better? Because I've been thinking about switching, but I have no idea what, if any, improvement there will be. Please tell me?

Cap'n Ganch said...

Having both time and internet access here at the hotel, I have decided to make the switch and join Beta with you.


Worst case scenario: we can always start a support group.

E.A.P said...

1 Good Experience
2 Scared out of their minds.


Oh, and Yax, Google's going to make us all make the switch at some point anyway. I figured this way I could learn as I go instead of having it dumped. Oh, and you'll notice my template didn't change - they retain all your changes unless you want to use their new template designer (choose colors, fonts and such without learning any HTML). So far, not too bad. But am I still scared? You bet your frosty chocolate milkshakes, friend.

I'm totally in on the support group, Cap'n.