Thursday, November 02, 2006

Food Fight . . . to the Death

Hubster: Which should I buy pita chips or animal crackers?
Moi: I don't know! Buy whichever one you want.
Hubster: Okay, two foods enter, one leaves. In a fight to the death, which wins - the pita chips or the animal crackers?

My husband is a weeeeee bit obsessed with nutritional value, no?


Mair said...

I vote for the animal crackers.

podslave said...

I'm gonna say the pita chips. But only if you have (or can make) some tasty hummus to go along.

J. Morgan Caler said...

Animal crackers, especially if they have a camel or a penguin. Hands down.

inviolable said...

You're all wrong-- I ended up talking myself out of either of them.