Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Listing Tuesday - Election Day Edition

1. Today, I voted. (Pats own back.) While I can't claim to be of the hushed-reverent-before-our-awesome-responsibility school, I happen to think that, even with the huge responsibility, voting is fantastic. I mean, here I am, a Joe Schmo, and I have said my piece about how my government shall govern my slice of the planet. (Well, that is if no one took it upon themselves to hack the Diebold machine I used.) Plus I even got to choose if I would do it, unlike my compatriots in Argentina where voting is compulsory. Fun times!

2. This Saturday, my brother P will touchdown at BWI and stay for a couple of days. I am, let's be frank, geeked. This is my brother who is in the army, who's been in Korea for two years followed by being in the Middle East for most of this year. I haven't seen him since March 2005. Obviously, I Am. So. Pumped.

3. My house is cold. Hubster and I are trying to save money with the heating bill and save the planet with by being Energy Scrooges. It's currently 63 degrees in the house. I kinda like my house at 70. I am wearing a sweater and a scarf and warm socks and shoes. I am a wimp.

4. I seem to have a HUGE aversion to grocery shopping right now. I have no idea what my problem is, besides the inherent drudgery of grocery shopping. It's the next thing on the list after I blog, so of course this entry is taking for-ev-er. Honestly, if we weren't out of my mood-elevating English muffins I doubt I'd set foot into the wild at all. Ah, but I must have my English muffins. Toasted. With Sancor dulce de leche or Honey. Sweet morning delight!

5. I've all the best cat photos right here, and failing to share would be irresponsible.

If I weren't so lazy, I might submit this to KittenWar.com. Poor Persephone! She coulda been a contendah.

When I turn the camera on Tiny, she just glares at me and the camera seems not to function like the smooth machine I know and love - you can't see what she really looks like at all. This is almost good:

Here where we're trying to hold her in place to take a portrait and she's backing out of it. Literally. Grouch!


Jackscolon said...

Good talk. Now go buy some freaking groceries!

Mair said...

I have an office-mate (actually, I have 6 of them...yeah, they don't think TA's need a private workspace...) ANYWAY, I have an office-mate who is from China. The other day he said to me "I really envy Americans because you get to vote. Not only do I have no idea how our president is chosen, I have no say in it." He's told me some stories before about how there are no private presses and how the government censors any publications that are critical of it, and how he can't google the phrase "revolution" without all of the websites being blocked. Anyway...the reason I started to tell you all of this is that this morning I thought to myself "Voting is such a pain. There better not be long lines." Then I remembered - other people envy me for having the opportunity to wait in long lines to vote. And, God was merciful - I was at the polls for a total of 5 minutes (including parking and walking to/from the car.)

Cap'n Ganch said...

I vote absentee. Because I always forget on the actual day. Plus, this is actually the first year I've been in Idaho for an election ... so, there's that.

Anonymous said...

aww I miss the kitties!

Anonymous said...

and you and K too of course...

Bee said...

I'm so glad there is someone else out there who is opposed to grocery shopping. I make Will do mine for me, but I cook, it's a nice arrangement for all involved.

We are also doing the 63 degree thermostat. It's chilly, but seriously, I get the BEST sleep. It's great!

As far as voting goes, I did it. Of course in our county the Democrats don't even bother to run, so on the local level I'm not sure it mattered.