Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Picture Post: Thanksgiving 2006

It's been an entire hour. I've tried to upload pictures for ONE HOUR OF MY LIFE.

I will try this again when I won't have to waste that much time on it because of stupid, stupid Blogger.

Sorry, sports fans. Hasta maƱana.


Mair said...

Blogger sucks sometimes. Do you recommend that switch to beta?

E.A.P said...

Blogger's photo features are subpar. The posting capabilities are just fine, but pictures are important to me, so it really rides my last nerve when I can't manage to get them to work.

As to beta, switching is fine. There are some great new features like privacy settings for each post, comment tracking on each entry, and much faster publishing. It's a good upgrade - except for the picture uploader. I was finding a workaround with Picasa, but even that's sucking it up of late. I can get the pictures uploaded, but it doesn't always make it all the way to posting them. Annoying!

Anyhoodle, switch to Blogger Beta (you'll have to do that eventually anyhow). I'll keep you posted on the picture problems. You use flickr posting anyhow, so maybe that works just fine for you. I like the 400px upload width, which flickr won't allow - you either get 150 or 500. I'd have to redo my entire template and for once, I'm not so keen on the idea. We'll see.

RedHurt said...

I switched to beta a few weeks ago and everything's been smooth this time around, which is to say that it didn't keep my blog stuck on some racist post from July for two weeks this time.