Monday, November 06, 2006

Lazy Weekend

Three Crappy Monologues, by way of Weekend Review

I was Erica's Friday night, which for once wasn't spent watching her husband doze and wondering if this constituted license for a prank or if she should let him sleep (hint: she always chickens out). I guess I was the whole day, but frankly, no one ever gets worked up about their workday when there's fun to be had in the evening. She finished up on time, took her shower (yeah, she showers after work, the lazy slob!), and got ready to head out for the evening. She took her iPod and braved stupid Beltway traffic, but she seemed to think arriving at Betty's house was worth it. Betty made a delicious dinner, which she enjoyed with a Pacifico. Instead of falling asleep on Betty's couch and pulling a move reminiscent of her much-maligned husband, she and Betty walked up to a pub for some bread pudding and Irish folk singing. The drive home was long, and she looked beat as she climbed into bed at one in the morning and forgot all about me. So much for painting the town red.

I'm the friend she's got all day to enjoy. Or so you think. She usually spends the whole time surfing online and doing a couple of chores and that's Saturday. Oh, she doesn't plan to fail but, true to clich├ęs, fails to plan and therefore devolves into YouTube and Web Sudoku. She awoke lazily, thinking she'd outstripped recent sleep-in records of 9am to almost make it to 11. Unfortunately, her brain doesn't go to 11; her husband's clock had escaped the Daylight Savings Clock Update. Even with an extra hour, she managed to fritter it away on yerba mate and The Constant Gardener. Later she did on online errands, paid bills, but kept her focus on hardcore lazing about. Despite an attempt to go out for the evening, she and the Hubster managed to miss that crucial window of opportunity, and instead opted to pick up Chipotle, rent Lord of War, which she was surprised to like quite a lot (despite several friends recommending it in the span of a week). She's hopelessly lazy considering we only have one day of the week together.

I was her busy day. She got to bed on time Saturday so she would be well-rested for her solo work at church. Sundays are half weekend/half work in her mind - church looms large and seems to consume the day, although it's just her laziness that makes it so. The other two must have mentioned that from the knowing way you're nodding right now. Church itself, though lovely, was long what with the baptisms, the extra-full service, and the practice time on top of it. She and Hubster got home and made pizzas, spent the afternoon in useless endeavors like with Saturday, and managed to finally make it out the door for a showing of The Prestige in the evening. She also cooked two full meals, which is rare with my day of the week. She usually cops out with a bowl of cereal or some leftovers. The movie intruigued her. It was very entertaining and good quality, but she still seemed glad to settle in for some sleep and a full day with Monday.

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