Thursday, November 30, 2006

Picture Post: Shocked It Worked Edition

Happy Holidays, Fyfers. I dolled up my wreath with bulbs on Tuesday, and only now get a chance to share the magic. I added the ribbon last year. Do I get to call myself a "Crafter" now?

The view from our window at Casa De Parental Ps. Pretty, no?

Fifth Avenue Episcopalian Church. Too lazy to Google-stalk for name. (Credit: Hubster)

Speaking of google-stalking, I looked up my uncle's college (he's a prof) and called him up about a possible Argentina trip next year. Nearly wet myself, but I pulled through. I'm buying travel books and building castle in the air, people, ARGENTINE CASTLES, BOOYAH. Maybe I'll get me some wander-satisfaction next year. (Oh, and I think I said I'd called them in my last post, but I was GOING to call them, and I can't believe I'm clarifying such an inane detail. MOVING ON!)

Lady Liberty by sunset. (Click to expand if you think I'm making this up.)

NJ view of NY skyline. Sparkly lights. (Credit: Hubster)

Hubster catches the kids in the act. (Credit: Hubster)


Mair said...

We've been to that church! I forget the name right now...St. Peter's??? Anyway, I HIGHLY recommend attending a service there if you get the chance. So wonderful. The men and boys choir is out of this world, and it's really a new experience to attend a Rite I service in a full church, with all the trimmings. It was a really wonderful service. You would love it.

sis-in-law said...

hurray for pictures uploading!I'm jealous of your travel plans!I have this problem where my drooling reflex is activated every time someone mentions travel or castles... I hope the trip works out!

rachel said...

I know! I feel terrible! I whined and whined at Hans that we were healthy enough to visit, but Hans made several convincing arguments about how we'd get you and K sick, as well as be doing impolite things like blowing our noses at the table.

And the fact that neither of us got out of bed yesterday was also a good indicator that we should not be venturing out of our apartment quite so soon.

I'm terribly, terribly disappointed. We must reschedule ASAP.

der Panzerkardinal said...

Sorry! I miss blogging and reading. I just haven't had time. Also, that church actually looks like St. Patrick's. Maybe the episcopal church looks similar, but that flag looks a lot like the Vatican flag. Just wondering.

Anonymous said...