Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Picture Post: Backlog Edition, Take 2

Is she not terrifying? Spooky! I just wish I could catch her in the classic black-cat-stretching posture. Money!

Behold Hubster's awesome and terrifying pumpkin. It has TEETH, people. Such dedication!

Now The Poops does not like Halloween's general "undignified nature of the proceedings" (her words, if she could have them), preferring instead to be stunningly gorgeous year round.

And I, in my scarf, prefer to be derelict.

Happy All Saint's Day, everyone!

P.S. A tip for my fellow beleagured Blogger users: I got Picasa in order to make this post happen without the web-based Blogger Picture Uploader crashing on me. Apparently my new, shiny, and large-image-sizing camera is wreaking havoc with this feature. It was easy as pie to upload with Picasa, even if it DID require another program on my harddrive. Just a suggestion if you find yourself in the same position in which I found myself, namely "Keyboard To Forehead Repeatedly."


sp said...

Hey great pics!! I'd love for you guys to come down. I can always sleep on the couch for a while! We'll definitely chat over Thanksgiving. :)

Jackscolon said...

I can Derelicte my own balls...