Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Picture Post: 2007 Icebreaker Edition

What I Did On My Christmas Vacation:

I took lots of ill-advised photos.

I accepted some lovely gifts (in an awkward fashion, apparently.)

I adopted a badass pose while sporting pearls and gesturing "I love you," instead of "Rock on!" (Also while wearing the new sweater and shoes my brother gave me in the Christmas exchange which do actually rock, unlike their new owner.)

I stared at this adorable kitty, whose name is Curie - as in Marie, as in the fabulous scientist. Oh, and she snuggled with me.

Oh, and I slept a lot, which I am currently not doing because of this post, so goodnight, me hearties. More tomorrow.


Plankiest said...

Awww! My baby sister!

So cute!

You are also very adorable yourself.

Bee said...

You're so gansta! It's scary. Please don't hurt me Ms. Christmas Bad Ass.