Saturday, February 19, 2005

Baltimore and beyond . . .

Cousin G arrived Wednesday night, and K and I have been having a ton of fun showing him around the area and discovering it ourselves at the same time. Thursday night we stayed in and relaxed. We went out just to go to IKEA and pick up the bookshelves our living room. Then we made brownies and ate and assembled the bookshelves to our hearts content. Yesterday I made G come along with me for the all-day saga of getting the vehicle inspection and registration done. Let's not talk about that at ALL.

Yesterday night we all wandered down to the Inner Harbor in Baltimore. We hung out in the Starbucks inside the Barnes and Noble in a converted power plant. After warming up in there, we walked around the harbor and then landed in McCormick & Schmick Seafood Restaurant where K ventured out of his food comfort zone and tried the Swordfish (which he loved) and I had the Sole - scrumtrulescent!

We just got back from Annapolis. We walked around the US Naval Academy (saw the lovely Chapel, ate at the mess on campus and wandered around the visitor's center) and then the streets of Annapolis. The architecture is so uniformly classic - it's fabulous. We were kicking ourselves for forgetting our camara. I was also kicking myself that we couldn't find a good pastry shop so that we could sit in warmth and eat good food and people watch. Good times! :-D Yay for fun visitors and new experiences! Yay for crappy cell-phone camara pics of the occasion!

Main St of Annapolis

Garrett and Erica chilling (literally) in the Yard

Blurry, but beautiful Chapel sanctuary

Tecumseh, the painted USNA tradition

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