Wednesday, February 02, 2005

It's been a crazy couple of days . . .

Last week K and I began the process of buying a used car from a dealer. In Michigan. Why do we do these things? We're crazy, masochistic people. And my dad works for a dealership and could pass along a decent discount. Oh and both of our other cars BITE. K's car started overheating the other day. Anyone following the continuing saga of our life with cars should be cracking up right now. It's pathetic how much we've paid for car repairs in the last year. It's been like having a car payment!

We've been on the hunt for a little while, but we decided that we found a car we wanted at last and we went for it. So I've been calling, faxing, calling, trotting over to banks to sign papers, and generally making a nuisance of myself. Finally everything went through yesterday and today my brother will arrive with our new (to us) Honda CR-V. Yay!

Brother J's been planning to visit for a few months now, but he was planning on coming down when my other brother, P, was home on leave from Korea. That all fell through when Phil found out coming home was going to take a wee bit longer than he had imagined, so, since we have to get the car from MI to MD and shipping it costs a ton, we told him to drive it down and said we'd fly him home. I'm so excited to see him. I do kinda wish he had another brother in tow, too, but I guess that's just life.

Continuing on with the "Mayhem of My Life" theme, right now there are three workmen in my apartment sawing and drilling. The apartment complex we moved into is undergoing renovations and today, our number is up. We're having all our appliances (except the fridge) replaced, the kitchen and bathroom cabinets replaced, and new bathroom vanities put in place. I'm trying to apply just the right amount of Gaussian Blur to my clipped-path image and they're shouting. It's crazy-go-nuts over here, but at least I'll have some nice new appliances for my travail. I just hope it's quieter where you are . . . :-D

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