Tuesday, February 22, 2005

the giddy disasters of flight

Sunday afternoon, K, Cousin G and I hit the International Spy Museum in DC up for a little fun. Unfortunately so did everyone else for the fine holiday weekend, so they were sold out for Sunday. We wandered the area, saw Ford's Theatre, and then (after more wandering) ate a lovely dinner at our favorite, the Old Ebbitt Grill. Do yourself a favor - try their Mocha Chip Icecream Sandwich. You'll thank me later, I promise. After that we had a quiet evening in and then it was President's Day and we did nothing! We slept in, ate lots of food, watched more Arrested Development with Garrett, and I finished up packing for my business trip to Indiana.

Now we come to the "disasters" part of the subject line. My flight from BWI to Philly was supposed to leave at 6:35 but it was delayed over an hour, then my flight from Philly to Indy was delayed half-an-hour. Well, I arrived in Indy, but of course, my baggage didn't, so I'm sitting here in yesterday's clothes, unshowered and irate. Fortunately, my bag should arrive at the house today. Let it be noted that the only two times when this has happened to me have been when coming to Indy. My poor hosts have to keep spare toothbrushes just for me!

On Friday, G and I, in a fit of desperation about the endless inspection process, stopped off at Target and bought Keane's album "Hopes and Fears." It got us through the day because every time we had to go ONE MORE PLACE, we got to listen to their sweet, sweet sounds and were soothed. We kept mentioning that Keane was driving music, but after this trip, I think it's more accurate to call it flying music. At one point in a flight, the plane banked toward one side and the chorus of "Bend and Break" swung into full gear. It's hard not to be giddy with that sort of thing. It was a much better pick-me-up than a Coke and some pretzels!

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Anonymous said...

How awful...you described my flying nightmares, which is why I refuse to fly by myself. I really need to get some therapy about this. Geez. Anyway, I need to send you an email soon re" Jenay's bridal shower. Did you get invited? If so, are you interested in going? I'm tossing it around. We could maybe fly i and stay with my parents. I don't know...I don't know if it's good timing with my semester, so I will have to check it out more. So...yeah, I guess I don't need to send you an email now. But, I probably will once I figure out if I think I can go.
Much love,