Sunday, February 13, 2005

k + e about town

Yesterday was a great day. We slept in a bit, then we did stuff in the house, I got my highlights touched up, and we watched "The Motorcycle Diaries." Awesome movie. Sure, I'm not too hot on revolutionary types, but this movie was beautiful, introspective, and it was in SPANISH. Argentine Spanish, too! :-D With every "che" uttered, my happiness monitor got higher and higher. yay for Argentina!

Later on, we drove down to T's house and then went out with him to see "Hitch." Great movie! So much fun. I heard one critic call it a "meta-romantic comedy." I agree - it had a little fun with the genre, and it had some pretty good acting. After the movie, we went to the Cactus Cantina near Thomas's house. BEST FAJITAS EVER! Oh, man. I ate like a pig. I ordered extra guacamole. I had two glasses of the best Sangria EVER!. It rocked. We wrapped up the evening just sitting and talking. What a perfect night out!

Today we tried out a new church about 10 minutes South of home. I hate to make early predictions, but it was a good service, we liked the people we met and the atmosphere. Let's hope when we go back and hear the usual pastor speak, we'll be just as happy.

Now we have to clean the bathroom and tidy up for the week. Why is Sunday so melancholy like that? It's always too full of preparations for our weekly grind.

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