Monday, February 28, 2005

so good to be home!

I got home yesterday night from Indy. I had another delay on my second leg from Charlotte, NC to Baltimore. I wasn't sure my luggage was going to make it this time, either, but it did. I don't know if to blame US Airways or just to curse my (amazingly) bad luck, but at least I'm home. Sometimes our apartment looks so unlike any home I've ever lived in that I'm not too attached to it, but I was glad to walk through the door this time. I was also weary of strangers and airports and stress. I can't turn my empathetic capacity off even in those situations, so I'm constantly scrutinizing what others think of me and it makes me self-conscious. It's not terrible, just tiring.

I was sick on Saturday and yesterday, too. I got a cold and I had a sore throat and stuffy nose both days. Traveling like that STINKS, but K (BossLady, not hubby) stood in for Mum and stuffed me full of meds and told me to sleep and smiled at me and I felt much better. Today I'm almost back to normal - surprising, considering my misery on Saturday night. Of course it could have been that I worked for 10 hours plus at the conference that day. That might have had a teensy bit to do with it.

I've got a little less to do with work right now, so I'm taking it easy. I have so much to think about after talking about my prospects in the company all week. I can't keep my mind focused with the dazzling number of paths it can roam. I'm glad of it, but it, too, can be tiring. Maybe I should do some power yoga and, as Rodney Yee suggests, let my mind be "free from the tyranny of the past and the future and just focus on the moment, the breath, and the movements." Or I'll just focus on how silly I look attempting arm balances with the upper-body strength of a 4 year-old girl-child.

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Mair said...

Remember...Rodney Yee also says "You will reach a state of consciousness that is not my own." Whatever THAT means! I hope you are feeling back to normal soon. Oh - I followed your lead and have been working up a blog of my own. (I'm such a copy cat...we met over hair envy, we might as well stay friends over blog envy!) Anyway, here it is:
Love you lots!