Friday, February 11, 2005

The Celadon-Striped Possibilities of My Fate

Bad girl! I haven't written in days and days. Sorry about that.

It's been a rather dry week. I've done a couple of ad resizes, etc. for my job and I'm still tediously plowing through the biology cd-rom stuff. K and I have been watching "House," this new show we've found. A bit over-done/route at times, but Hugh Laurie's character gives Dr. Perry Cox of "Scrubs" fame a run for his money in the crankiness department. I must admit to seeing flashes of Hugh Laurie as Bertie Wooster needing one of Jeeve's morning refreshers. What a great actor!

K and I went to a Lazboy Furniture Gallery yesterday - that was important. We walked around, chatted with Linda the nice sales-lady and started thinking about what we wanted for the living room. If we don't buy the stock colors, it's gonna take 8-10wks to get our furniture. ARGH! So frustrating. Oh, and the one sofa I really wanted to see is from the upcoming Spring line and not yet available. WHY?!? "Joan" - your sleek lines, stunning fabric options and fabulous coordinating tables leave me weak. Why do you tarry?

I suppose when we have it we'll forget all about the time it took to get it, but that's what they said about long engagements and I'm still piqued by the memory of the last, unendurably long month of our engagement. I swear when I get a couch I'm gonna lay down on it for a week straight and refuse to budge. Well, except for the bare necessities, of course. Wait for me, Joan!

The Elusive Joan

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