Saturday, August 20, 2005

Feline Foot Menace '05

Tiny Furry Creature Cuddling K's Foot . . . or is she?

Yesterday morning we slept in. Well, I slept in longer than K (unusual) and he awakened me by hovering a plate of English muffins with dulce de leche on them over my head. I happily munched on my breakfast, allowing K to enjoy my orange juice (yet further proof that I'm not fully American - OJ in the morning is rarely palatable to me). Persephone decided to join in the fun and snuggle with us and that was delightful for a while, but pretty soon she saw one of us moving our feet under the sheets and LO, she did pounce like the lion-cousin she is. Witness the ears in the next shot - she always cocks them to te side when she's hunting. It looks like a Princess Amidala coif.

Tiny Toe Huntress


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