Thursday, August 11, 2005

Pro and COME ON!! - Cooking

This post will no doubt bore you to tears. And yet you read on. Someone's having a bad day and in need of cleansing cry, huh? Aww, there-there, I haven't even started yet! Anyhow, I'm thinking it might inaugurate a new feature: "Pro and COME ON." I was going to call it "Pro and Contra" but in addition to being boring and pretentious that title did not make me think of Will Arnett's hilarious stand-by quip on Arrested Development. Plus this will most likely be about as logical and thorough as Gob. Oh, and there will be an arbitray point system as both an homage to Fametracker's "When Stars Mate" featurette and a gimmick for closure.

So I've been out of college for a year and a couple of months and I've been cooking for my husband and I for over a year. And it wouldn't be a properly-titled post if I didn't have mixed feelings about it.

1. The whole point is the food. (sigh) It's like a dream. (+10)
2. I get to be creative in which recipes I try and when to go off-book and season it myself, thank you very much, Food Network and Retail Cookbook Industry. (+2)
3. I get to try a lot more things now that I'm buying and for just two mouths at that. As long as I stick to budget and don't make things that K HATES, I can invest in salmon fillets or fresh Asiago. mmmmmm (+3)
4. All I have to do is use a few tools (measuring cups, bowls, range, stainless steel pots) and I can create something that not only sustains my physique but also my psyche. Synergy at its finest. And K sometimes does all the dishes for me. (+2)

1. I have to shop. This implies stocking as much as possible because I am not a Meal-Planning Domestic Goddess (MPDG), just a Garden-Variety Domestic Goddess (GVDG). And speaking of gardens, stocking produce for two is really annoying and I flat-out refuse to stock expensive fresh herbs. Whatever, Recipes That Use Them. Hey, look, Better Homes and Gardens, I don't need your disapproval, okay?!? (-4)
2. I got some handy appliances/tools for the wedding, but it's really annoying when I don't have what I need. I'll improvise, but I won't like it. (-2)
3. K and I don't always agree on taste. (NO!) To be fair, K has expanded his palette a decent amount, but when my mouth is watering over that mushroom and carmelized onion veal marsala, he's eyeing the spaghetti with meat sauce and I have to cave. (-1)
4. Clean up. Oy. It's bad enough that our dishwasher leaves inexplicable tiny crusties on the entire top rack, but I use pots and pans. Usually two of them. Worse, I have to remember to clean up RIGHT AFTERWARD or I make more work for myself. And FORGET cleaning up before I eat. If God had intended me to eat lukewarm food he wouldn't have created the kitchen range, people. (-3)

Final Score: 7 out of 10. Cooking's not so bad after all.


Cap'n Ganch said...

What about planting your own herb garden? You can get little planter boxes that sit in your windows and grow,GROW,GROW ...

And then you can grow basil and make fresh pesto and blog about it and make me jealous because I would totally try it if Sybil wouldn't just eat it out of the pot.

SciFi Grrl said...

One comment re herbs & spices: Their stuff is FABULOUS!

Mair said...

Ironicaly, Cap'n, I just made fresh pesto from my potted basil, (which I keep out on the balcony so Moses Jones doesn't eat it) and it was quick, easy and tasty. My basil, oregano, and peppermint are growing leaps and bounds out on the balcony and I can't keep up.

Anyway, E - about the meal planning thing, I did that for a few weeks and it is shocking how much easier it makes everything. But, planning ahead is time consuming - and what if you end up not wanting eggplant parm on next tuesday???? So, I lapsed back into GVDG. I'm sure you will forgive me.

Cap'n Ganch said...

I just bought hydroponic basil last night from Whole Foods (first time I'd ever been) because I thought I could grow it myself. Didn't realize you have to have an entire hydroponic setup just to keep it alive, though. So I'll just be eating it while it's still fresh.

Og said...

Just making sure you knew about This fabulous site has a great search feature, perfect for those poorly planned times when you have red peppers and chicken and want to do something scrumptious with them.

E.A.P said...

Cap'n: I have thought about planting herbs, but in addition to having no clue what Kitten Little would do, I also have little light in my apartment. Maybe in my next home. If I'm feeling up to crossing swords with my cat. Withhold your envy until then.

scifi grrl: Every time this comes up, you're pimping the Penzey's. They really should pay you a commission. ;)

mair: You grow out your hair first, get a cat first, grow a conservatory full of fragrant herbs first, and you plan your meals first. I GIVE! You are just TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL. Help me learn of your awesomeness, won't you?

og: I have heard of that website. I've used several with similar themes in order to use up ingredients. It's so much easier than browsing a cookbook and searching for ingredients yourself. Huzzah for the internet!