Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Listing Tuesday

1. GOOD talk with Mair last night. We covered a bunch of our latest adventures, and I usually get off an hour-long phone call feeling spent but I felt like we'd just scratched the surface. Such a long way to come from the roommate days when we'd get so frustrated with each other and barely want to talk at all. Maybe that's why almost every time we call we feel the need to have a confession session and reaffirm how happy we are that we're so close now. We're such dorks. BUT DORKS WHO ARE GOOD FRIENDS.

2. Got some listings to browse from our realtor. Fell in love with an underpriced wonder-of-a-townhouse, but the owner has to move by October 1st. DON'T FALL IN LOVE WITH HOUSES YET, SELF. This is gonna be a rocky couple of months. Poor K. ;)

3. I'm so glad bosses saw fit to hire B for the better half of our Marketing Maven duo "Bethica." She's so funny, and she laughs at all my jokes. She makes work so much more amusing than it might otherwise be! Yay for Bethica!

4. My birthday is 25 days away!!! Birthdays always bring out my inner child. And inner drama queen. And inner magpie - oooo, shiny presents . . .

5. I have a dentist appointment this afternoon. Yay for a half day, boo for the almost-certain fact that I will finally get that stupid crown I've been putting off. I hate my teeth.


guacemily said...

Happy almost, almost birthday! Hope your dentist visit went well...what a treat.

E.A.P said...

Thanks, E! I actually got the good news that my crown was "still very optional right now; it's holding up just fine." I'LL TAKE IT! We should chat on the phone soon. Miss you!