Thursday, August 25, 2005

Humiliation and a Little Swedish

B called me up with work-related stuff. Apparently she had been trying to find a synonym for "pedagogy" from Merriam Webster and had become frustrated. In her words, "I called the next best thing." I blushed and the blood flooded my brain so thoroughly that I proceeded to UTTERLY FAIL TO HELP HER. I really tried but nothing coherent/appropriate to the specific problem at hand came out of my mouth. It was humiliating. I console myself with the thought that others have hailed me with similar praises and have seen me uphold my title. (R, "The Word Woman of . . . Forever" is a deeply-felt honor to me to this day.) But it was still embarrassing.

To cheer myself up, I found this in my wanderings: Trying to Translate What My Girlfriend Is Saying in Swedish While She's on the Phone to Her Mother. Dan Kennedy - you made my laugh until it hurt. AGAIN. Never have problems with paper and Swedish girlfriends amused me so.

My duties of the day include creating business cards for all my co-workers, working on Beast1500, and drinking my yerba mate. Also, I'm listening to KEXP, an alternative radio station out of Seattle, via iTUNES radio. YOU SHOULD ALL DO THE SAME. My list of Music to Look Into has suddenly exploded. Excuse me whilst I rock out to some Doves and Morcheeba. Hmmm, that sounds like it could be an exotic entree . . . the mate has officially gone to my head . . .

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Mair said...

Did I ever tell you about the time it was roughly 94 degrees here in the 'Ville and we saw a man sitting out by the pool drinking mate? WELL - I'm all for mate', but sitting in FULL SUN at 94 DEGREES???