Friday, August 12, 2005

Folly, thy name is Too Much Yoga

I decided to do some yoga on my lunch break yesterday. I started out with some Sun Salutations and they felt great so I repeated them a couple extra times. MISTAKE! By the end of the 30 minutes, my heart was pounding like I was running from skeleton keys and mutant creatures in caves, or whatever it is the kids are watching these days. This morning, my arms are killing me and, were someone to ask me why, I would have to say something that either makes me sound Madhatter/March Hare crazy or kinda skanky: "upward and downward dog." Well, okay then!

Last night Hubster was slamming his head against our thin apartment walls because the Faux-Vo (my word, of which I am inordinately proud) wasn't cooperating. He's building us a Ti-Vo equivalent out of computer parts and his pure mental sweat. I'm worried about dehydration after last night! ;) Anyway, I realized that KD had called me while we were gone last week, so it was high time for me to call her back. We did the requisite amount of catching up, but we had the most fun just talking about random things like the good old days. I miss her. She said she saved a frequent-flyer fare JUST FOR ME, though, so maybe she'll come and visit. She might do it after the new year when we've moved (most likely), and anyone who's known us as roomies will attest to the truth of the following:

E: Ooo, ooo, if you come afterward you can help me unpack.
K: Of course, what are friends for?!
E: Wait, there's a flaw there since UNPACKING is not our specialty. We might need to call in reinforcements.

I would be honored if she would join me in overlooking boxes once more.

So tonight we're going out for dinner with Mr. T and a friend of his. Cactus Cantina's patio and some steaming skirt-steak fajitas is just the thing to start out my weekend. Hopefully my arms won't protest at having to work a Margarita glass.


Mair said...

Two things:
1. Remember the first time we did Yoga Sculpting??
2. It's true, unpacking is NOT your specialty - but, it's a flaw that's easy to overlook.

OG said...

Guess what is happening today?

The Tango World Chamionship in Buenos Aires! I heard an NPR story on it today and couldnt help but think of you and Ceci. Read more at

E.A.P said...

Mair - I will NEVER forget that Pain with a capital "P," though you just reminded of the circumstances which mirror the ones in my post (re: two workouts worth of folly). And bless you for overlooking my flaws, like the one about calling you back. You are TOO KIND.

Og - Tango competitions? Buenos Aires? You know me so well. :-D Say hello to J.O. and young G!