Monday, August 29, 2005

Nairobi, how I've missed thee.

I think it is KD who always reminds me that men have a small number of words they must use in a day versus a larger number that women use in a day. If you don't use your words you tend to feel lonely and frustrated. Now within the sexes, according to this theory, there are degrees of high-to-low word needs. I am a Large Word-Quotient Woman.

I used all my words today!

I just finished an on-again/off-again phone call with RC (I would refer to her as Nairobi, but talking about a city giving me a ring throws off the ole reading comprehension - hey, I should write for the SATs) and it is way, WAY past my bedtime, folks. I left a message earlier in the evening and she called me back on her way home, so excited that I had contacted her first because I NEVER used to do that. We talked for a bit before she started getting fuzzy, then garbled, then she was fuzzy again, then we spent an entire minute saying "R? R? Can you hear me?" or "E? You there?" and we didn't even realize we could both hear each other because WE COULD NOT STOP BELLOWING INTO THE PHONES. Dorks! Still we got back to talking, then she cut out. She called me back, then she got fuzzy again, so she called me on her cordless phone WHICH DIED ON HER. Then I called her cell and she had to plug it in before it, too, DIED. Finally, we talked for another long while before MY PHONE DIED and then I plugged it back in and we talked some more. We were supposed to get off the phone an hour ago. Riiiiiight.

Ever since college, our minds have been converging on the same issues and inspirations in our journey into Grown-Uphood. The last time we talked we commiserated about our mental struggles and emotional hurdles. This time there was much less commiserating to be done. She tackled the rest of college with aplomb and is now staring down the barrel of her first year of teaching. Yeah, good luck with that, Spartacus.

I tend to curse my luck, wishing I could have just one of the STINKING AMAZING people I know for coffee once a week. I don't often stop to marvel that I know one, let alone so many of them. That's just crazy talk.


Og said...

Oh E! That really made me miss highschool. Lately I have been in a very reminscent mode. Mags is reading 20th Maine and all those civil war books we read. And while I dont remember a thing about them, they do make me recall the smell of nail polish and Em and Jenn's unusual relationship on the way to Gettysburg. We need a good old reunion night, for the class of 00. When are you next heading back?

Cap'n Ganch said...
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Cap'n Ganch said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh We're from Nairobi,
And we're on the best team.
We do the Wakuchi
And we're on the ball.

The camels may eat us,
But they'll never beat us,
'Cause we're from Nairobi,

Oom gow wa, Oom gow wa,
Oom gow wa, Oom gow wa
Oom gow wa, Oom gow wa
Oom gow wa wa!

Anonymous said...


I had so much fun talking to you as well. Im so lucky to have a friend who is on the same wavelength, despite the distance in miles, the changes over the years, and the constant interruption ons stupid stupid phones. I felt the love, and really appreciated it. Have some fun this weekend!

or S