Thursday, August 18, 2005

A New Purpose for the Fly-Over States

Lions And Elephants For U.S. Great Plains? I think I might tend to fly over them AT HIGHER ALTITUDE if they installed a whole new ecosystem there. Not that I don't like animals, but I want to keep my arms attached firmly to the sides of my body, thank you.

Back in reality, last night was pretty uneventful. K and I watched some CSI and intently studied a huge chunk of the listings from our realtor. We had some good chills and some good laughs, as well as being occasionally grossed out by the graphics or the rampant overuse of awnings over windows. Also, does NO ONE put total square footage figures on their listings? It's not like I won't consider your property past a certain range; I JUST WANT TO KNOW! Grrrr!

Night before last I hung out with HF. We went to El Patio and I found our yerba mate, Dadio! Rosamonte Selección Especial for $4.55 a kilo. You're right - it is superior. Anyhow, HF and I had a full meals for $15 total. We also had some more good talks about roommates, boys, places we MUST see before we die, and foooooood. What a lovely night.

I'm having a hard time believing that it's Thursday already. I think K and I will finish the analysis of our listings and have a leisurely meal. Also, I think I'm finally going to make those chocolate-chip cookies with Splenda. We'll see how that goes. I might have a recipe to pass along or a word of warning to the taste-obsessed. Enjoy your evening, all!

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Jackscolon said...

I like the idea of lions and elephants in the plains... I mean, I think footage of lions tearing people apart in the middle of a cornfield or an elephant caught in a tornado would improve the news greatly...