Friday, August 26, 2005

Listing Friday

Too scattered today for real posting. List, anyone? Don't mind if I do . . .

1. It's FRIDAY already. It seems odd to say this of an uneventful week, but it felt like one of the fastest of my life. All the better to enjoy my weekend!

2. I know I pimped iTUNES radio yesterday, too, but there's another station you must hear. "Rocking out" isn't the right descriptor, but Magnatune Classical delights my baroque-music-loving self. Quality and only occasional 15-second commercial breaks - Sweet Viola Da Gamba, Batman, I'm hooked!

3. I called someone back for work, forgetting to double-checking their area code's time zone. WHY BRAIN, WHY? The man at the other end of the line actually said "Do you know what time it is?" His tone wasn't cruel, but when I hung up (after APOLOGIZING MY GUTS OUT) I realized it was actually only 6:45am. I know it's not standard operating procedure to take calls at that time, but I still felt better. If the clock reads 5-anything, I would turn homicidal under his circumstances. Death by Angry Californian Successfully Averted.

4. The cooling trend in the weather the last few days has been fabulous. After weeks of 95º+ heat with high humidity, 84º feels delicious. I finally opened the windows in the apartment and aired it out. It's amazing what a difference it makes. I know I'M BLOGGING ABOUT THE WEATHER here, but IT'S MY BLOG AND I'LL BE TRIVIAL IF I WANT TO. That is all.


Cap'n Ganch said...

I've been listening to the alt country station for a few months now.

Isn't it like having free satellite radio?

(p.s. Welcome aboard the word verification train!)

Moi said...

Country SUCKS.

I can write this because I'm using wireless internet on my brandspankingnew computer, as procured by the Palmisanoses. And both of them have distinctly gorgeous noses.

Cap'n Ganch said...


SciFi Grrl said...

Regarding your phone call faux pas, you are not alone.

There's nothing more blood-chilling than the sound of a sleepy "Wha-Hello?" on the other end of the phone when you're returning a work call to a possible CUSTOMER.

When I did it, I recall feeling as if I'd burned myself on the stove in combination with the embarrassment of speaking in public without clothes. Yeah, that's right, massive negative reinforcement.

Of course, you didn't call up a co-worker by MISTAKE on Friday while trying to get the plastic cover off your phone buttons. "Uh... Hey, how are you doing?" Sigh.