Monday, October 02, 2006

Baby's First Pictures

My baby, it takes really good pictures:

Persephone preens prettily and poses perfectly.

Loki languidly lurches the length of the living room.

I call this one: Fun for the Whole Family. (Too bad the resize for blogger's upload makes the pinks/reds look like pixelated death!)

Leaves on a statue by Savage Mill.

Antique wrought iron, this season's falling leaves.

I love my baby!


Don Quixote said...

You really did get a deal, didn't you? The pictures are great!

Mair said...

nice pictures! Graham's Six Grape....soooooo gooood! :o)

J. Morgan Caler said...

Oh man, very nice pictures. I agree with my wife: "Graham's Six Grape....sooooooo gooooood!"

Inviolable said...

Note the Jameson's behind it...