Friday, October 06, 2006

Domestic Crisis

In about five hours my uncle, aunt and three cousins are driving down from Conneticut to hang out and see the sights. So of course my house isn't ready for them.

Monday, in a bid not to procrastinate for a change, Hubster and I ran the Roomba overnight in the basement. The amount of dirt collected was mildly frightening, and the already used filter was unsalvageable. (Hubster would argue that filters are just a gimmick to keep you spending money, but he also thinks sheets need to be washed once a semester, so what does he know?) I threw it out with Monday's trash pickup and then started hunting for the rest of the replacement filters that came in the box which Hubster had moved to install the new cabinets.

He seems to have thrown them out.

I mean, it took me over a year to convince him to BUY the filters in the first place, and now we paid $15 for the one we used and we're out the rest. Lovely. No doubt our planet will sustain a nuclear winter before my husband resolves to buy those again.

But like I said, CAN'T TALK NOW TOTALLY GOTTA CLEAN. Good thing I don't have enough time to strangle my husband and hide the evidence!


GMack said...

You could just throw the Roomba out and start all over.

Mair said...

you know, you hassled me all the time in college about changing my sheets, too. what is it with you and the sheets?? I mean, how dirty can they get?

just joking...although I could still use the occassional reminder from my ex-roomie...

Cap'n Ganch said...

I'm not sure what a Roomba filter is like, but if it's like any other vacuum filter, you can try to knock as much of the dirt out as possible (preferably outside) and then rinse it with warm water and wait for it to dry. Doing that can almost double the life of your filter (I do it with my vacuum ... and if I think of it soon enough, my car filter).

Oh, and thanks for jinxing us, by the way. Jerk.

I don't even know how to dress for a nuclear winter. Is it warm but white? Unbearably cold? Or that annoying 'cold enough to need a sweater, but not cold enough to keep it on for long' kind of weather?