Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Picture Post: Backlog Edition

Let's see if this works.

I was dressed as a hippie, FYI. It's lame, but it works. The dust on the mirror made it look like some 70's-era Vermeer's work for which, yay! But apparently, that's all I get, so saith Blogger. I had more fun ones to post, including the obligatory pictures of our resident black cat, but I've been trying for two hours and nada.



sara said...

It's just cool!!!

Mair said...

is your hair blonde???

E.A.P said...

In answer to your question, Mair, my hair is not blonde. I'm wearing a scarf there, in keeping with the hippie theme and because I hadn't washed/styled my hair, which I guess is ALSO in keeping with the hippie theme. Because I'm all about authenticity.

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