Tuesday, October 24, 2006

StatFest 2006

Wanna tip on how to drive up traffic on your blog? Host a heated comment feud and then follow it up with a very public breakdown and your traffic will rocket. Last Thursday, I had 244 hits. To give you some perspective, I've averaged probably closer to 50 pageloads per day in the last several months and for several days, I was averaging well over 100. Um, wowsers.

Honestly, when I finally got around to checking my stats, I didn't believe my eyes. I hadn't been keeping track really. I had only a few searches find my blog, probably more but my log file was overhwhelmed by the refreshers amongst you, and I failed to check it frequently enough to see the few searches that got logged. However, whoever it was that searched for "Graphic Clipart Jesus is the reason for the season," I salute you. I've always thought that clipart had great devotional value, but I guess I'd never realized that Graphic Clipart Jesuses are the entire reason for Christmas. By clicking on my site from that Google search (which were buried after almost 300 search results - you patient soul!), you've gained another convert. Bravo.

I know all these bigger blogs that do regular posts roughly summarized as "You found my while searching for this stuff, suckah!" I never have enough searches for that, but I've had some funny ones over the year plus, so here goes:

sadza glycemic index - Yeah, I used the words, but I wasn't too helpful, was I, Captain South Beach?

filosofo jeans peace - I haven't really heard of a Philosopher's Search for the Jeans of Peace or anything before, and I always figured philosophers were more the khaki-wearing types, anyway. Perhaps tweed . . . ? I'm out of the loop - check the grad student blogs next time.

tobias + "booyah"+ arrested development - I'm honored, but you should have started here anyway.

why is the death of a girl such a fixation in the U.S.? - I get the general drift, but it does sorta look like someone doesn't care about dying girls. Mostly, it's just a bit odd that this person thought they'd get an answer out of all the generic words they typed in. Got a name there, hombre?

my kitten ate a lizard what are the symptoms - Dude, I don't know, but I dodged the bullet, and I try not to think of it.

MICOPLASMIC PNEUMONIA - First, STOP shouting. You and everyone else who's found my blog under a similar search (or for other medical reasons) should know that I'm not a doctor who can explain symptoms or describe treatment. I'm a drama queen who likes to complain. Slight difference there.

Amidala my cat that I got while in college - haven't seen her, mate. Sorry.

Loki Presents Simply Sudoku - Ha! Heehee and HA! My mentally under-endowed cat and a logic puzzle. That's rich!

lineage 2 erica blah - This person clearly doesn't want any results. Or they know me and know I say (and therefore write) the word "blah" a lot. Hey, friend!

rainbow "rainbow dresses" - Someone in India is really disappointed! I have no rainbow dress. I don't even have "rainbow dress." It bothers me, too, bro.

"pees her bed" - Obviously, I'm doing something right here.

On a serious note, I got a comment from Louisa, an college friend with whom I'd lost touch on one of my recent posts. I had no idea she had ever struggled with depression. I find it hard to believe that I helped, as she said I had, but it made me so happy that she is seeking her way out of the well. God bless your search, Louisa, and email me if I can help in any way. My address is "fyfdom@gmail.com" and it's always open to any of you, be ye Louisa or no.

Okay, I should run along to do responsible crap. Oh, believe me I'd much rather be discussing stupid searches, but (non-blogular) duty calls!

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Mair said...

Hey, give me a stat counter! I want to know how people search for me!! :o)

I'm surprised no one found you while searching for "totally hot woman with personality and pizzaz." Your blog makes me love you - more than I already do!!!