Monday, October 30, 2006

The Curse of Blogger

Blogger hates me. It's official. I can't seem to get a single image to upload right now and I have Pumpkin Party pictures. Yeah, as in, pictures taken whilst carving pumpkins. THIS IS IMPORTANT, BLOGGER! THESE PICTURES MUST BE ENJOYED BY THE PEOPLE!

Fruitless pleas aside, I had a okayweekend. Went to the dentist where I discovered the nightguard which keeps my jaw from shattering and my teeth from being worn down to nubs from the relentless clenching I do at night, yeah, it's gonna be $600. HE-llo. Oh, and hubby needs a root canal AND a crown. Big fun! Also, big bucks.

Aside from that bummer, not much happened. Hubster made a fantastic catch when he found out Hugh Laurie was going to be on SNL, so we watched the show, all the way through for the first time in months (maybe years). It's because we're total groupies, really. He was hilarious, but the sketch material was only so-so. The non-Laurie sketches were mostly boring. Sigh. Still, we got to see Hugh. And I searched for "hugh laurie" on YouTube to find a video entitled "Hugh Laurie The Panty Peeler." I was too busy giggling to watch it. Instead, I found this performance of a song he did on SNL but which YouTube can't broadcast. This performance is old, and the timing was even better Saturday, but it's still hilarious.

I'll try posting pictures tomorrow. Because pumpkins? Are important.

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Jackscolon said...

Blogger has been pissing me off too, and I watched SNL, and it was better than most new, worse than most old...