Thursday, October 05, 2006

Because ya'll are here for these anyway.

Little stretches out before curling up for a long, hard nap. Though, 'twould appear it's time to trim Her Pointiness' claws a bit methinks.

I particularly like one of the Tiny. It shows off her her beautiful fur. My old camera rarely captured any variation in it at all, but now you can see more of her true coloring and personality.

Her personality says, "what's with shoving things in my face?"

P.S. I am having a much better day today. Hubster was an absolute doll, I MEAN "STUD." He's helped me do all those piddily projects and been very encouraging and sweet. Also, hott. I enjoyed choir rehearsal tonight, too. I managed to acquit myself well on a soprano solo part, even maintaining a long high A all by my lonesome. Good thing I'll have a couple of other sopranos with me for the performance, though.

Okay, you've had your fix. You may return to your regularly scheduled surfing.

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Don Quixote said...

You're right - that's what I come here for. They are adorable!