Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Listing Wednesday

This list brought to you by BadMood Erica - Now With More Grumbles!

1. Today was not a good day. I found out I double booked my boss for events. Horrendous error, and I haven't had many of them, but I am so very ready to drop this job like a bad habit, especially since the person taking it over is so capable she'll do MUCH better job than I am. The countdown reads something like two weeks. Praise the Maker, but BLECH what a day.

2. The story of the Amish schoolroom rampage has been in the headlines for days, but this USAToday article takes the cake. The entire mess is so horrible with the overtones of misogyny but the fact that he took advantage of the Amish, some of the most peaceful people on Earth, makes it positively sickening. God bless those grieving - including his wife who must be FREAKING OUT right now. Kyrie Eleison.

3. The E Coli Spinach Debacle, I know, I know, but this article talks about some different stuff. The author shines a light on bad agricultural practices and the other options available to us including eating local. It includes an honest discussion of the difficulties with those options, so it was illuminating. Check it out. Oh, and continuing with the crankiness theme, we're all gonna die of bad health food.

I'm tired so you only get three. And they're dark clouds on your day. Apologies. I'll try to be back to my usual sunny, scattered, and superfluous self by tomorrow.


Mair said...

I'm happy to report that my town has a grocery store very much like the one the author describes as the ideal. :o) It labels where the produce is from and has mostly fresh foods, plus some frozen organic meats and a lovely cheese section. Yay!

J. Morgan Caler said...

I like BadMood Erica, she's refreshing, honest, and brings things into focus.