Friday, April 01, 2005


Thing the first: La-Z-Boy called to inform me that they'll be delivering one of our two couches on order tomorrow. I'm so happy I think I'm tearing up.

Thing the second: Persephone started purring the moment I walked in the door yesterday. I feel validated as a pet owner and a human being capable of being loved. *sigh* It's good to be home with those I love. Oh, and with K. He had to tolerate more than his fair share of hugs yesterday - give him a hand. ;)

Thing the third: Leaving the fam yesterday was so tough. Oh, not the flight, thank the Maker. If I had had to deal with one more thing from the airlines, I would have had a NERVOUS BREAKDOWN in front of total strangers which required CHEMICAL SEDATION. No, I just had to leave my bro in the airport to wait four hours for his flight back to Korea. He's got so many big decisions and struggles on his plate for the next few weeks. I didn't want him to have to spend the next 24 hours sitting next to strangers, thinking, alone. I guess it's just part of growing up that I struggle to let go of burdens I cannot really carry, but I've always thought growing up was overrated anyway. Even I will acknowledge the truth of K's words that "people have outlived harder circumstances and he's a good, tough man." This must be the part where I channel my worries into emails and support, huh?

Thing the fourth: At least he's being promoted when he gets back! What a man! What a marvel!

Thing the fifth: It's Friday, people! As Tobias might say with gusto, "booyah!" Enjoy your weekend!


sbp said...

Hooray for family vistitations, difficult goodbyes notwithstanding.

So, if you adopt a cat from a shelter, does it already have its shots? Is it free?

E.A.P said...

In answer to your question, we actually got her from a veternary assistant who ran her own little "shelter" out of her house. She had the hookup in her job, obviously, so our cat was spayed, de-wormed, inoculated against rabies, tested for feline leukemia and FIV, and ready to go when we found her. Some shelters/adoption agencies around here required home visits to make sure the animal was going to a good place. We felt like we'd rather avoid those hoops. Plus, her fee was $50, rather than up to $200 like other places. We basically hit the jackpot and we found her in an ad on Just look there, but only when you're ready to get one or you'll cry yourself to sleep at night wishing you could get one now. Take it from someone who knows. ;) Hopefully you can get your very own ball of fur that wakes you up by landing on your head from the window sill soon.

E.A.P said...

If only we could correct comments! Here's the real link, in case that one doens't work: