Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Behold the Cheetah-Belly

Half Tiger, Half Cheetah, All Cuteness. My parents don't stand a CHANCE.


G said...

Aww, it's a little furball!

Mair said...

We bought Moses a little bed like that...and he hated it so much. If we would put it on a chair or something for him, he would knock it off and lie down on the chair. I think he was too big for it.

Anyway, just have to tell you again how devistatingly beautiful you are in that picture on the side bar. When/where is that from?

E.A.P said...

Phew! Just give me a moment to catch my breath. That was quite the compliment! Thanks!

That is from the Extravaganza in 2004. I wore the red dress (I also wore to my rehearsal dinner) and red lips, because it's not Erica attending a formal w/o the bright lips. This is from the picture of K and I where we were doing our "Super Secret Agent" pose (it's a habit, by now ;) and my elbow looks unnaturally bent. It has been known to frighten the heck out of people. I'm just sayin'.

As to Sr. Moses' bed arrangment: what a diva! At first Percy didn't even notice it since she was too busy sitting on our laps, climbing everything in sight, and adapting to her new home. Soon, when the boring old work days kicked in, she took to napping there occasionally and she seems fairly content with it. It's the perfect size for her, so I can't imagine a cat with 10lbs on her being comfortable in it. Kicking it around, however, sounds like a little more drama than the situation warrants. Just the sort of cat I can love! :-D