Saturday, May 14, 2005

Virginia is for Lovers

Great Falls National Park

N and J got married two weeks ago. Before that, we'd been talking about attending the Salvador Dali exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and thought we could squeeze it in with them a few weeks before the wedding. Heh. RIIIIIGHT. So we thought we'd push it back until this weekend, May 13-14th. We booked the hotel and started making plans, but tickets were sold out. NO BRILLIANT SURREALISTS FOR ME! And a cultural event too! I was so bummed.

Still, we wanted to spend time with each other, so we packed our picnic lunches and met up at Great Falls National Park. We ended up hiking for the better part of 4 hours up and down the craggy rock and along the Potomac. It was really warm out, but it felt good to break a sweat climbing to the top of a formation and looking down on the river. Because of my well-documented loathing for exercise, I tend to avoid opportunities to go out in nature and wander around. Poor K got to listen to a string of complaints while we were getting ready: "I have no shorts! I'm gonna overheat out there!" and "Here we go with the sunscreen. What a pain!" and "Heat stroke - that'll be my fate in about 12 minutes! GRR!"

Man, I'm an idiot 'cause this was so worth it

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