Thursday, May 05, 2005

Once again, McSweeney's comes through for me.

A taste of what's to come when you read this article:

"6:00 a.m. Like all great civilizations, this one begins in an agrarian phase. Assorted grains and toasted nuts in a bowl. Perhaps some dried fruit if the harvest has been kind. Milk on top. This is a dark and fumbling time. A time to assemble the accoutrements on which a great civilization will be founded. We must find the keys, to the car, and to the future. Basic hygiene is introduced at this point. Primitive barefoot nakedness evolves toward being clothed and shod."

Yes, I believe "Thursday and Empire: or, How a Typical Workday Can Seem More Important When Modeled As a Great Era in Western Civilization." is definitely making me look at my workday a little differently.


kelly said...

hey rica. haven't seen or talked to you in what seems like ages. hope things are going well for you in the craziness that is married life. peace to you...


E.A.P said...

Thanks so much for finding the site and saying hello! I've added yours to my bookmarks and maybe with these babies, we won't have to spend what "seems like ages" not keeping up. Peace to you, as well. :-D