Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Entree At Last

Enough with tiding ourselves over. Tales must be told, pictures posted and later gawked at, itineraries fully disclosed to my inquiring readership. Heh. You guys probably prefer the entries in which I'm brief (despite myself). TOUGH, SUCKERS!

Mom and Dad arrived Thursday evening as promised. We just hung out that night and planned the rest of the trip. We decided on Baltimore the afternoon of Friday so we could have a lazy morning and a relaxed start to the proceedings. I got a ROCKIN' set of shots that I will soon stitch together to form a panoramic view of the Baltimore Harbor from Federal Hill that will knock your knickers off! [Unfortunately, I doubt it'll look even remotely cool on this page what with formating constraints, so you'll have to visit me to see it.] Later that night, K and I treated the 'Rents (and Mom especially, in honor of Mother's Day) to a visit to El Patio, an Argentine cafe I've been DYING to try out. We ate milanesas until we were stuffed, bought imported wonders like alfajores and dulce de membrillo, and enough dulce de leche to make us sick with joy!

Saturday we hit up DC for the monument tour. We did Jefferson, FDR, then lunch by the Tidal Basin (highly recommended - picnics and a picturesque view and CHEAP, the Trifecta of Coolness), then Washington, WWII, the White House, then Arlington and home again, home again, jiggity-jig. As my grandfather would say, "our dogs were barking" from walking so much, but it was worth it.

FDR Monument Rocks!

Sunday we went to church in the morning. Great message on Mother Teresa as an example of Compassion. Then we drove all the way to Mount Vernon (a whole hour - NO WAY) and did the Slave Life at MV Tour, plus the tomb, and a good deal of the grounds and lots more walking. Perfect weather. Highly recommend doing this estate at least once. Beautiful grounds for walking and enjoying. Beware the line for the Mansion tour, however. Long and SUNNY and therefore HOT. Still, worth it. If only for the way the house is working that lime-green wall color with the red curtains in the family dining room. Who knew the 18th century was so spicy?

The Mount Vernon Mansion in all it's majesty.

Monday was our final day together, so we took it easy in the morning again. Well, we were supposed to, but being the leech-child I am, I convinced my poor parents to join me shopping for plants and tools for my flower bed. We got some, but we couldn't put them in because of the roofers I mentioned in my previous post. At least they warned me my plants might be UTTERLY DESTOYED in the fury of de-roofing and re-roofing that's ensued since then. Anyhow, after plant purchases, we hit up Annapolis for the rest of the afternoon. The breezes flowed, we saw the interior of the MD State Capital and it was free and fabulous. Dad also took us out for ice cream at Ben & Jerry's by the harbor, and it was MOST SCRUMPTIOUS.

And we even had time to stop and smell the Mount Vernon anemones. A lovely mini-vacation, indeed!

Because it wouldn't be my blog without some flowers!


Og said...

Don't know if you have made it there already, but the Navel Academy in Annapolis is certainly worth a visit. The chapel there is gorgeous with Jonah and other salty Bible characters making appearences in the stained glass.

E.A.P said...

We did make it up to the Naval Academy while we were in Annapolis. The picture in the previous post is actually of the ceiling of the chapel there. It is gorgeous, I agree!


P.S. Kiss Young George for me! :-D

Mair said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful and exhausting time with the most excellent Mom and Dad Sommerville. I'm happy they were able to come!

I can't wait to see you in a couple of short weeks!!