Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Whither naiveté?

Sometimes, working from home is Most Unfun. Like today: I got on the phone with my boss and she had the new half of our marketing team by her side so we could "meet." It looks like we won't meet in person for a couple of months. She sounded nice, and I'm sure I didn't sound like a madwoman, but she'll probably look at my blog (which boss HAD to mention), put 2+2 together, and realize she works with a crazy person (said with wide-eyed conviction like Elliot from Scrubs). I guess that last part can't be helped. Had we met face to face first, she might have thought of me as girlie, or outspoken, or dramatic, but the crazy always comes through once you learn to filter out the rest, so I guess she (I?) was doomed from "Hello, I'll be in almost constant contact with you from now on. I hope you're cool or my work days just got horribly, horribly long." Good luck, B!

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Beth said...

Don't worry, darling. You are a delight. I'm sure that fact was self-evident to her as well. =)