Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Inertia is my motor. *

The story of my life these days: a flurry of productive activity followed by an inability to fathom what could possibly be important enough to skip reading dumb websites again (ahem - my website does not = dumb). It's as though my mind has initiated a new Monsoon Work Ethic - drowning in work or dying of (work-related) thirst.

I'm sure all adults will tell me that striking a balance between fun time and productive time forms the struggle of a lifetime, but I wish I could get more of a handle on it. Don't get me wrong - I'm all about the healthy leisure time. But it seems like lately, I can't enjoy goofing off much AT ALL if there's ANYTHING that MIGHT need to be done. Which, yeah, UNHEALTHY.

It doesn't help that hubster is exactly like me. He, even more than I, has this capacity to focus on the task at hand for hours on end. When we tidy the house, it ALL gets done if he's on a rampage. We hit every room, we dust every surface, we tidy until everything looks marvelous. But, while we peruse our handiwork, "Hey! It's all done! Wow. Okay, let's make dinner (but not clean up right afterward so the non-dishwasher safe knives, big pots/pans, and cutting boards stay dirty till breakfast), veg on the couch, and not call our parents even though we thought we should." **

Seriously, WHAT IS UP WITH THAT? Would it PAIN US MIGHTILY if we KEPT UP A GOOD THING LIKE MOTIVATION?!?! Does anyone else have this problem? Do I have to resort to the tired concept of refrigerator charts and gold stars to fix it? It's harder, too, because now there are two people to get the tasks done. It's easy to wait around for the other person to "pitch in" and "do their share," while you could totally just to it yourself and make them do something else. If I didn't work much, I wouldn't mind dividing up the labor so that I did most of the housework, but because we're BOTH working full time, we agree it's absurd to make me do it all just because I lost the Lottery of Life and got stuck with 2 X's. Thoughts anyone?

Conundrum-med in Columbia

* I love references to obscure song almost as much as I love Cake!
** Just kidding Moms and Dads - we NEVER choose movies over you. We wouldn't dream of disrespecting the pain/toil/money you suffered/endured/lavished on our ungrateful selves. No, WE LOVE YOU! :-D

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Mair said...

just as long as you have enough motivation to drive to PA tomorrow to se ME that's all I care about. hahaha. Just kidding.