Tuesday, May 17, 2005

In an alternative universe . . .

I am lying down on the blanket my uncle got me from New Mexico. It's spread out on the grass in the park behind our apartment complex. The weather is sunny, mid-60s F with only a few clouds. I have a basket of warm empanadas (with Mom's signature Cordoban filling) ready to eat with a nice bottle of white wine. K's there and he's reading something funny to me. For dessert, we have berries and cream and puffs of cloud to stare at.

*shakes head* Well, I should get back to work. Still, it's lunch, so I have some time for blogging.

I had to get a new computer after mine started crashing far too regularly for comfort. It arrived yesterday, so most of last night, K had to help me dump all the annoying programs that come loaded on it (AOL Dialup service for an entire 6 months! Who WOUlDN'T switch from cable for that?!?). This morning I had to load my Adobe software and get it ready for business use. It's going to be so nice to have a superfast/reliable machine. Plus my new, 20" widescreen monitor arrives tomorrow. HOT! I can't wait to see how much extra screen space it gives me. Laying out will NEVER be the same.

This weekend I'll be out of town again, so after Thursday, don't expect too many posts. I think I will be without internet again. *single tear* It would be nice to unwind with a little internet action. Maybe our hotel will have a business computer lab. hmmmm . . . Other than the business trip, not much else is slated for this week. Don't worry, I'll make up some adventures so you won't get bored.

As my freshman-year RD used to say, "back to the gulag." Heh-heh. Just kidding, bosses! I love my job! Really! >;)

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