Thursday, May 19, 2005

Goodbye, Sweet (Pink-Nailed) Pea.

Have mouse, will travel.

Persephone has taken an interest in one of the mouse toys that came with her Softpaws. She's begun playing with it all over the house and occasionaly dragging it from one room to another in her mouth. It's adorable. I'm gonna miss seeing that while I'm gone.

There's a greater chance of having Internet this time around, but I make no promises about writing. However, I'm taking the camara this time because I'm seeing NYC while I'm gone (at least for one evening) and tonight I'm seeing Spamalot. YEAH, I KNOW! AAAAAA! So, I hope to have SOMETHING worth your time to post later.

Well, I should run along, pack, and commence with missing my hubby. Later!


Mair said...

Persephone is really cute. I just have one question: what happens when you have a baby?? I mean, will you even have enough blog space for all the pictures?? :o)
Who am I kidding? I would probably share pictures of Moese regularly if I had a digital cam. He's so cute, especially when he pushes his head up against things, as he loves to do.

Yax said...

Enjoy Spamalot. It's truly excellent.