Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Albuquerque Snaps

Ah, the ubiquitous New Mexico chili peppers - this time chipotle. When we went out to dinner at El Pinto, the fragrance from the peppers bedecking their porch was amazing.

Desert Broom or Broom Dahlia. Whatever, it's PRETTY!

Oh, mysterious flower, what is your name? It was all over Petroglyph.

Here's the side view of the above plant. Those crazy modern-design-esque pods are flower buds.

This is how you pay for parking in Old Town. You stare at this board puzzling over just why the slots for each spot are so small. You look at the hourly rate and determine you need to insert three dollar bills. You roll them up tightly. You decide to finish pushing them into the slots with your car key. You wonder if the person who designed this was a genius or an idiot. You further decide that, although it made you laugh just then, making t-shirts that read "I parked in Old Town" would be too obscure.

All that fuss over parking was worth it. After all, here's a lovely picture of the San Felipe de Neri Church.

You count the days until you have to leave this delightful place.

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Jackscolon said...

We have the same things for parking in Cleveland at some lots. After the first time they aren't so confusing, but I don't park there because it would mean I would have to have exact change. Well, now I just walk everywhere, so I don't pay for parking.