Sunday, April 08, 2007

Ill-advised proposals are a known side-effect of Photoshop euphoria.

So much time has passed, friends, and I have blogged so little about it. Photoshop World was awesome as advertised. I now have the skinny on non-destructive photo editing, the Lab color boost trick, and some sharpening methods that truly kick derriere. I cannot pledge that all my photos will henceforth be uncompromisingly flawless, but that might be because I want a life outside of my computer software. Although, I do have a huge crush on CS3 now, and if I can get a copy home with me once the product ships, I just might be the happiest woman on the planet. Quick selection tool: MARRY ME.

Moving to less terrifying subjects, I enjoyed Boston. We stayed at the Westin Copley Place (Heavenly Bed: MARRY ME) and had the convention at the Hynes Convention Center. In between lies the Prudential Center and its connecting skywalks, so though we never allotted enough to time for from one to the other and always arrived at our destinations with a patina of sweat and a certain degree of fluster, we did NOT have to savor the cold, wintry-mixed weather of Massachusetts. Thank the Maker. It should also be noted that though there was a Shoe Debacle (the shoes I packed sucked, #$%^@#*), I did not purchase anything with my own money despite walking through two, COUNT EM TWO malls from hotel to convention three times a day. There might have been a Charles David with their adorable Spring line avilable, too (Peep-toe flats with ankle strap adorably called "Pele:" MARRY ME). I practically pulled something to restrain myself. Anyway, we did actually leave our climate-controlled cocoon on Thursday night for a little Boston pubbing. It was lovely. It's loveliness was directly related to how little time we spent outside.

And then I returned home, having had my performance review and getting a raise (sweeeet!) to a street full-to-brimming with cherry blossoms. Again, life is good.

Also, I watched the following video, and I laughed pretty hard. It might be because though I wish Fergie no harm, I really hate her songs, and I wish she weren't famous. Okay, she might construe that as wishing her harm, so instead I'll say that I wish she could be famous while also being obscure to me. Since I've been doling out the marriage proposals like candy, a la Maeby F√ľnke, I think I have to say it, Alanis: MARRY ME.


Cap'n Ganch said...

I actually saw this on the Table of Malcontents blog and almost wet my pants, chair, carpet, and living room.

Beth said...

Well done, you, blogging this video. Neil just sent me a link to it a few days ago, and I loved it, but for some reason, I didn't think to blog it. How come Alanis can't stop being so awesome?!

Oh, also, I wanted to tell you that I found out last week that I got a great job in DC -- yaaay! So we'll have to get together this summer!